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Preciosa Crystal Banding

Preciosa Crystal Banding Design Idea FC3A Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Eight Designer Band Colors Crystal banding is a popular design element in weddings for everything from cake embellishment to gown straps, centerpieces and now: jewelry. Why is Preciosa crystal banding being used? First, the eight designer band colors open up possibilities for complementing the wedding palette. Second, get high-impact sparkle without added weight since the bands are nearly weightless. Third, they are like cupchain, except completely free of metal, so brides with potential metal allergies don't have to worry about their sparkling jewelry causing problems during the big day.

Preciosa banding is easy to use: simply cut to your desired length, then finish with one of these three techniques:

Open a jumpring and slide it through the last connecting loop of crystals. Use multiple jumprings for a different look and for added security. Make sure to open and close the jumprings properly by following the video tutorial ''Opening a Jumpring.'' This same principle works with eyepins and pinch-type bails as well, by closing the bail or wrapping the eyepin around the last loop of the banding.
Design Idea FC3A Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set

Design Idea FC3A Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set Glues
You'll get stuck on how easy this finishing technique is. Mix up your favorite clear-drying adhesive--our jewelry designer Rose used Devcon® 2 Ton® Clear Epoxy for this design--and add a good dab of it into the cup of a bell bead cap. Insert the end of the crystal banding into the bell and allow to dry. Once the glue is cured, the loop on the bead cap makes it easy to attach to other components via jumprings, wrapped loops and more. Learn more about how to properly use jewelry-making adhesives with the how-to video ''Glues''.

While not used in this design, directly stitching the banding down onto leather, fabrics and other surfaces is another option. This aids in keeping the banding from flipping around due to its light weight.

Now that you know how to finish this spectacularly sparkly banding, wedding jewelry is sure to be a cinch. We can't wait to see how you incorporate these crystals into your special day or when creating jewelry, décor and more for others' nuptials.

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