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Forgoing a Traditional Veil

Forgoing a Traditional Viel Forgoing a Traditional Veil
by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Not every bride wants to wear a veil, but that doesn't mean she can't still add a bit of sparkle or intrigue to her wedding attire. Brides are turning to circlets, crowns and head wreaths as veil alternatives for head-turning, memory-making results.
Forgoing a Traditional Veil
Forgoing a Traditional Veil Forgoing a Traditional Veil

Forgoing a Traditional Veil Crowns and Tiaras
Feel like a queen for the day by walking down the aisle with a full crown. Some brides still include a veil with the crown, using the piece as an anchor for the veil. Of course, if you'd rather have the Disney princess feel, then tiaras are an excellent royal-looking choice as well. Crowns are often used in renaissance or medieval-themed nuptials, adding a touch of regal splendor to the bride's jewelry. Swarovski® crystal flat backs and gemstone cabochons are often incorporated into crowns or tiaras to color match or compliment the wedding colors.
While crowns and tiaras sit on top of the head, circlets rest in front of the forehead. Usually made from wire, these circlets stay in place by an adjustable chain extender attached to the ends or with hair combs that are often hidden by the bride's hairstyle. It is not uncommon though for a design to be used in the back as well so the bride looks stunning coming and going down the aisle. Popular in some retro '20s and Celtic marriages, as well as those looking for an elvish or fairy vibe, circlets can be adorned with dangling beads (commonly a single briolette wrapped drop in the center of the forehead), looped chain or pearl strands for extra drama.

Head Wreaths (aka Bridal Halo)
Take it from Queen Victoria who wore a wreath of orange blossoms, the bouquet isn't the only way for brides to carry flowers. Head wreaths, also known as bridal halos, made from real or faux flowers are incredibly popular for woodland-inspired weddings or those looking for a Boho feel. Use polymer clay or Vitrium® air-dry resin to create as whimsical or realistic flowers as you prefer. Even use flower-shaped metal components colored with Gilders Paste® or Christi Friesen's Swellegant!™ products. Bend the components for depth and then combine them with cold connections. Brides saying "I do" on the beach have been known to take this concept and replace the flowers (or at least some of them if not all) with real or fake shells of all shapes, sizes and colors.
Forgoing a Traditional Veil

These head adornments can be as small or large as the bride prefers, and made from nearly any jewelry-making material imaginable. Choose any metal that matches your theme from fiery copper to brilliant silver and more for the base, or even cover the framework entirely so the under color doesn't matter. From wirework to metal sheet, polymer clay to Swarovski® crystals, there truly are no limitations for the bride-to-be. Choose whimsical, regal, playful or grandiose to match your theme, wedding colors and interests. Top off your wedding with the perfect headpiece.

Forgoing a Traditional Veil

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