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Holiday Wedding Style

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by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

It's the most wonderful time of the year--so why not make it your wedding anniversary, too?

Your family is gathered 'round, the church is already decorated (the décor is gorgeous) and you'll never forget the date.

Here are ideas and tips to have a stylish holiday wedding with all the trimmings.


There's the traditional Christmas mix of red and green, of course, but they aren't your only holiday choices. You can celebrate your heritage with other shades, too: blue and white for a Hannukah-influenced celebration; purple and gold for some Orthodox traditions; multicolored accents of black, red and green together for a Kwanzaa-centered ceremony--and more!

Of course, there's room to vary from the traditional, crayon-perfect hues a bit, too:
Holiday Wedding Style
  • Navy and silver or ivory, instead of blue and white
    Navy is part of the list of new neutrals, and it adds a sophisticated twist to the more traditional color pairing.

  • Burgundy instead of red or purple
    This deeper shade looks fantastic as both clothing and accent, offering the holiday look without feeling childlike.
Holiday Wedding Style

Holiday Wedding Style
  • Gold on white
    While white (or clear) with silver absolutely sings ''winter wonderland,'' white with gold makes a regal presentation.

Sparkle, Shimmer and Stardust

It's the holidays and the one thing pretty much all holiday décor has in common is lights. Lots and lots and lots of lights.
  • Sparkle
    Your wedding jewelry, accessories and décor are going to be under the lights, so be ready to sparkle! Swarovski® crystal beads, components and fancy stones--or glorious Czech fire-polished glass beads--are an ideal part of your bridal style.
Holiday Wedding Style

Holiday Wedding Style
  • Shimmer
    Don't forget high-gloss metals or shimmering metallic foils, either. Silver-lined seed beads, lampworked glass with inner foils or metallic graffiti, ready-to-wear rhinestone brooches and other options work, too. Reflective surfaces are what you need to make sure you're casting your own glow on your big day.

  • Stardust and Diamond-Cut
    Stardust beads are more subtle, and are a fantastic option for high-end sophisticated style you'll wear to cocktail parties for the next decade. Druzy pendants or components are a colorful gemstone version of the stardust effect, so don't forget that! Add diamond-cut chain, drops, beads and other components for something more overt.
Holiday Wedding Style

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