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Bridal Purses to Have and to Hold

Bridal Purses to Have and to Hold Bridal Purses to Have and to Hold
by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

You're getting married. Congratulations! You've made a list of all the wedding essentials for the day you promise ''to have and to hold'' your spouse, and you've checked it (at least) a hundred times. In your planning though, did you include a purse for yourself on the big day? No?! Add a bridal purse to the list because having the perfect clutch or bag isn't just stylish, it's actually incredibly convenient.

Let's face it ladies, our purse is our lifeline. If we don't have our purse, we feel a little lost or as if we're forgetting something. Feeling like you have forgotten something or even actually forgetting something on your wedding day isn't stress you need. A small purse ensures you have a few wedding essentials always at your fingertips. Here's a short list of items you'll want to consider putting in your bridal purse to help you figure out the size you'll need:
Design Idea A89A Purse
Design Idea C23F Purse
  • Cell phone
    You may need to make a last-minute call or your wedding coordinator needs to check in while you're getting hair and makeup done. Your phone is a little less important once the reception has started--unless your Uncle Steve is breaking it down on the dance floor and you want the opportunity to tease him about it with video proof. ;)
  • Handkerchief or tissues (the super-soft kind)
    You're going to cry. Maybe not bawling, but chances are you're going to get at least a little misty-eyed at some point during your wedding or reception. Use tissues to covertly dab those makeup-ruining tears away during a touching toast or after your father/daughter dance without having to use a bulky, and usually-not-so-soft, napkin.
  • Lip balm and lipstick
    As much as lipstick companies promise all-day color, lip color still fades--especially with all the talking, eating and drinking you'll be doing. Keep your lipstick, and lip balm or chapstick, near so you can do a quick touch-up after all the toasts. A compact isn't a bad idea, too, so you don't have to disappear to the bathroom mirror.
  • Gum or mints
    Did we mention you're going to be talking a lot? Bad breath isn't fun, especially since you'll probably be hugging and talking with your heads close together due to the overall noise. Plus, popping something peppermint-y in your mouth before the ceremony and after eating leaves you feeling refreshed.
  • Bobby pins
    Having bobby pins on hand makes it a breeze for your maid of honor to quickly pin up a rogue curl on you or your bridal party. I mean honestly, when is it a bad idea to keep bobby pins nearby?
  • Purse hangers
    You won't be constantly holding your purse and you most likely won't want to set your specially made bridal purse on the floor of your venue. Purse hangers, with a polished nickel plating, unfold to hold your purse off to the side of a table. This is one handy contraption to put in your everyday purse, too.
Purse Hangers
Design Idea BBD7 Jewelry Set Enigma Now that you know WHAT is going in your bridal purse, it's time to decide WHICH purse you want. While white and cream colors are always safe bets, there's nothing wrong with adding some color or personality.

Are you having a beach wedding? Create a bag with shells or add some to an existing purse. Going for more of a romantic soiree? Black is always sleek--just take a look at the seed-beaded clutch purse in Svetlana Chebotayeva's jewelry set Enigma. Are you a bit of a wild child? Then you have to see the blinged-out zebra clutch purse in-house jewelry designer Jamie made. Match your bridal purse to your wedding colors by designing with flat-back rhinestones on a hard clutch. While clutch purses are most common--sometimes with thin strands of beads, pearls or chain so you can sling it on your shoulder when need be--any petite style of bag you like will do.

You want the purse you carry during your wedding to be a reflection of your style since it'll no doubt end up in a picture or two. Heck, maybe you'll WANT your fashionable bridal purse to show up in pictures so you carry it or place it in your lap for a few photos. Why not? After all, you spent a long time preparing your dream wedding appearance from the gown to the jewelry to the shoes and now the purse.

Bridal Purses to Have and to Hold

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