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Geodes for Weddings that Rock

Geodes for Weddings that Rock Design Idea BB58 Necklace
by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Have a wedding that rocks--literally, with geodes. Especially in the United States, geode weddings are growing in popularity, offering a quirky yet sparkly theme for nuptials. See how to use geodes in your wedding with these fun décor and jewelry suggestions.
Geodes for Weddings that Rock

Geodes for Weddings that Rock

First of all, what is a geode? A geode is basically a rock with an open cavity that ends up lined with a mineral or crystals such as Quartz crystal gemstone beads, amethyst, calcite and druzy agate. Geodes form as a bubble inside a layer of rock often as a result of explosive volcanic activity or a burrowing animal. Through the course of time and the elements, mineral-rich water moves though the hollow stone, leaving tiny crystals inside that begin to build up and grow. When the rock is cracked open or sliced, the crystalline interior is revealed and is usually quite a beautiful sight.

Especially prevalent in spring and summer weddings, geodes add a sparkling touch of natural beauty. Use geode slices, agate and other crystalline gemstones with a raw appearance to achieve this wedding theme.

1. Bridal jewelry and boutonnieres

Of course you'll want to wear some gemstone jewelry! Druzy is tiny quartz crystals that form on a gemstone, just like in geodes. The result is spectacular shimmer. Design and create (or commission) your own druzy wedding jewelry with beads, links, focals and other jewelry supplies. Don't forget about the bridesmaids--find finished druzy agate pendant necklaces in a variety of colors all with gleaming imitation rhodium plating. Ask your florist to incorporate small geode or agate slices in wedding colors on the men's boutonnieres or make brooches in a flower shape with the slice so the whole wedding party is ready to rock your nuptials.

2. Centerpieces and tablescapes

Colorful agate and geode slabs are found on plates as napkin weights for the reception and double as wedding favors for attendees. Group larger specimens in the center with flowers, succulents or candles for a unique focal point in the center of each table. Flat round slices have been seen as colorful coasters. Include geodes wherever you need an extra touch of glamour, including next to the guest book.
Geodes for Weddings that Rock

Geode Beads and Components 3. Escort cards and photos

Wrap rigid wire around the stone and then form a spiral on the end to hold escort cards for guests to find their seats. This same technique works great for food signs near the buffet line to explain all the delectable options as well as the memorial table to hold photos of loved ones who have passed. Or, simply use the stone as a weight on the corner to keep cards in place until guests come to check the seating chart.

4. Cake and candy

Add geodes and slices to the top or tiers of your wedding cake. The cake itself can even resemble a geode with rings of colored frosting or marbled fondant. Even create a cavity on one side of the cake, add colorful layers of ombré frosting and place rock candy clusters in the center to emulate a cracked open geode. You really can't go wrong offering rock candy to your guests.

Geode Beads and Components

Be sure to have your photographer get pictures of all your gemstone details, including a shot of your wedding ring inside a sparkling geode. Need a backdrop idea for a wedding photo booth? Suspend agate slices with clear thread to create lines of glinting gemstones behind smiling guests. This same principle can be applied to dangle agate slices from chandeliers for eye-catching light refraction or for making colorful garlands of the stones to hang above the entry, guests' tables, the bar and other focal points.

Take the look as far as you want with custom table runners showcasing colorful layers that resemble geode rings, invitations designed with a corner to look like crystalline formations and a sign for the bride and groom table that reads "He is my rock, she is my treasure." Your geode wedding is sure to shine in the eyes of your guests and be a memorable day for you and your betrothed.

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Geodes for Weddings that Rock

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