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Bridal Hair Combs

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by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Beachy waves, chignons, braids, bobs, beehives, buns and more--any type of bridal 'do deserves some sparkle. Embellished hair combs add magic to flowing locks and make every updo a dazzler.

Just the One

Bridal Hair Combs Whether it's holding back side-swept bangs or worn on the back of an updo like a Spanish peineta (the large comb that holds up a mantilla veil), a single hair comb can be a powerful focal point for the bridal look.

It's a popular look, especially for brides who are opting for a lighter style than the full fingertip-length veil. Just add a single comb embellished with silver-lined seed beads, gleaming wire and sparkling Swarovski® crystal components with a birdcage veil and celebrate a look that's both elegant and modern.

Bridal Hair Combs Bridal Hair Combs

This doesn't have to be a large comb, either. A short modern haircut can get easily overwhelmed by large, complex bridal headwear. A dainty accent comb adds a bit of sparkle without taking over. Also consider French beaded flowers for a fresh, youthful look or for picking up bridal accent colors. Longer hairstyles--especially among brides with thick hair--mean updos that can support more complex pieces with lots of detail and plenty of sparkle.

And, of course, some single comb designs look like tiaras for the bride who wants to be queen for the day.
Bridal Hair Combs Bridal Hair Combs

Part of a Parure

The single comb doesn't have to be a single creation--it can be part of a full jewelry suite (or parure) for the bride. Parure can include necklace, earrings, bracelet, embellished hair comb, shoe decorations, brooches, anklets and more.

It can be made of traditional pearls and crystal beads, or embellished with items slightly more unusual, like peacock feathers or polymer clay flowers.

This gives a coordinated look for a bride's wedding day style, from head to toe!
Bridal Hair Combs

Bridal Hair Combs A Set of Two

Of course, if one comb is good, two is even better! Embrace creating an identical pair or two combs with slightly different embellishments to create a coherent look.

Ideal for accenting parted hairstyles, the set of two hair combs can add balance to a bride's face. Combs with dangles of crystals or seed beads can take the place of shoulder duster earrings in the overall profile--with no stretched earlobes!

Make them short and sparkly, or add plenty of beaded fringe--whatever matches the bride's style.

The Connected Pair

Is it one comb or two? Is it descended from, or the inspiration for, the 1980s banana clip? The world may never know ...

This connected pair is a stylish and sure-fire way to both secure and enhance a chignon or other updo. Bridal jewelry makers can purchase them ready-made, or create their own (the acrylic combs are found just about everywhere)!

While many are created using seed beads strung on stretch floss, more complex designs are just as feasible. Bead the surface or edge of the comb, attach a beaded tiara or headband, embellish with seed beaded fringe and your bride is sparkling with style!
Bridal Hair Combs Bridal Hair Combs

The embellished bride doesn't have to "comb" through hair accessories with embellished hair combs, whether she opts for a single accent comb, part of a parure, a matched set or a connected pair.

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