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Irish Wedding Inspiration: Bells

Irish Wedding Inspiration: Bells
by Dan Day, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The Irish wedding bell tradition began with the bride and groom's families giving them a set of bells after they recited their vows. The couple kept the wedding bells in their home to remind them of their vows to each other. The use of wedding bells is an old pagan custom, dating back to the time of the ancient Celts. However, you don't have to be Irish, of Irish descent (although that makes it extra special) or have your wedding on St. Patrick's Day to add Irish wedding bells to your ceremony. You can hand out a small bell to each guest. After the bride and groom recite their wedding vows and kiss, guests ring the bells in the Irish tradition of warding off evil spirits and to ensure a lifetime of wedded bliss. Guests keep the bells as a memento of the occasion. The bells can also be rung as the happy couple exits the church--fun and different alternative to throwing confetti or rice.

Fortunately for all of us, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has a robust selection of small bells to choose from.

Make sure the bells have clappers. The product description should state if the bells have clappers. Let's look at a sampling of bells with clappers in variety of styles and prices. Prices quoted will be the maximum discount under Volume Pricing (All Assortable Pricing) and a per unit price at that discount.

H20-6319FY Shiny silver-plated brass bells--the small clapper creates a nice jingle with every step. Sold per package of 4. Discount: $7.95. Per unit: $0.89 per bell.

H20-1828GF Sweet-sounding antique brass-finished "pewter" (zinc-based alloy) bells with clapper and bird with rabbit design. Sold per package of 6. Discount: $2.80. Per unit: $0.47 per bell.

Gold-Plated Brass Bells Silver-Plated Brass Bells
H20-6298FY Gold-plated brass bells--the small clapper rings out the joyous occasion. Sold per package of 20. Discount: $6.42. Per unit: $0.14 per bell.

H20-6301FY Brass bells, plated with a glistening stardust effect. Sold per package of 20. Discount: $5.62. Per unit:$0.12 per bell. Also available in a multicolored mix: H20-6284FY.

String Them Bells

The bells can be a standalone item or they can be strung with chain or colorful ribbon and cord so guests can wear the bells along with bridal jewelry or add them to bouquets.

Keepsake Bells

If your budget allows, consider investing in higher quality bells that your guests will want to keep and take care of. Years later, when you throw anniversary parties, they can bring the bells and ring them in honor of the wedding ceremony and renew the spirit of love for continued wedded happiness.

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