Celestial-Themed Weddings

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Was your love written in the stars? Then it's time to plan a starry night wedding--a celestial-inspired theme that has gained popularity amongst both stargazers and hopeless romantics who wished upon a star.

Celestial Wedding Colors

To begin your celestial wedding planning, you'll want to pick a color scheme. There are two main palettes seen with weddings under the stars, both of which have plenty of options for you to choose from and elaborate on. Both color schemes have a base of dark navy blues with black and white accents.

Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Color Forecast - Waves Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Color Forecast - Arctic Night
Fall/Winter 2016-19 Color Forecast - Black Tea Fall/Winter 2018-19 Color Forecast - Latte Art

Palette A: Sophisticated Night Sky

A more medium blue than the base navy blues starts off these refined color additions and is complemented by varying moon greys and sprays of stardust beiges accented by bright metallic hues of gold--though some brides opt for rose gold.

Fall/Winter 2017-18 Color Forecast - United Fall/Winter 2018-19 Color Forecast - Rainstorm Fall/Winter 2018-19 Color Forecast - Driftwood
Spring/Summer 2018 Color Forecast - Selfless Fall/Winter 2018-19 Color Forecast - Vashon Island Spring/Summer 2019 Color Forecast - Adagio

Palette B: Nebula
This bold palette goes in a different direction, with regal, bright and lilac purples alongside bright or blush pinks and even teal hues, all inspired by interstellar clouds, with silver being the preferred metal tone.

Fall/Winter 2017-18 Color Forecast- Nightfall Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Color Trends - Paisely Fall/Winter 2018-19 Color Forecast- Beauty
Spring/Summer 2018 Color Forecast - Flow Spring/Summer 2019 Color Forecast - Bebop Spring/Summer 2017 Color Forecast - Dream

Starry Wedding Details

Now that you have the most popular color schemes, it's time to consider where under the stars you want to say "I do." Venues that work best for starry nuptials are open fields (if you're positive it won't rain), see-through ceiling tents, planetariums, observatories and conservatories with glass ceilings all decorated with lots of twinkle and fairy lights or hanging lanterns in star shapes.

The Attire
For the bride, we're seeing veils with sewn-in stars with rhinestones and sprays of tiny crystals to resemble stardust. Similarly, pearl and crystal accents are seen across the wedding dress itself, especially if you're going less traditional and want to wear a deep blue dress to match the late evening sky. Brides and bridesmaids are walking down the aisle in navy pumps with gold glitter or multicolored shoes in the nebula color scheme. Bridesmaid dresses are black, navy or otherwise dark hues often with all-over star or constellation prints as well as smaller smatterings of embroidered stars. For the men, tuxes are black or navy often with ties or bowties in blends of blue hues with white speckles reminiscent of stars. Socks with constellation patterns are not uncommon and create a super-cute photo op for the groom and groomsmen.

Jewelry Materials
Now the fun of designing jewelry for your under the stars wedding can begin! Consider going out of this world with extraterrestrial gemstones like moldavite, tektite and peridot. If you want more shimmer, try cubic zirconia, rainbow moonstone, white opal, labradorite and druzy. Pearls offer a luminous option in all sorts of hues and, of course, blue sapphires are the quintessential dark blue hue for starry night weddings. Crystal Passions® crystals provide plenty of sparkly options, too, with some space-inspired shapes:

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Crystal Passions Rivoli Star Flat Backs
Rivoli Star Flat Backs (2816)

Jewelry Types
Specific jewelry we're seeing for celestial weddings are tiaras and headbands for brides. This hair and head jewelry is usually laden with stars. Hair vines and even chain wrapped around updos are given the star treatment with pearls, moon and star charms. Pendants, drops, charms and focal components with the phrase ''I love you to the moon and back,'' or variations of the wording, are found on both the bride's and groom's side when it comes to jewelry.

Celestial-Inspired Charms

Chaton-encrusted pavé, especially micro pavĂ© jewelry, alongside druzy gemstones create a stardust-like effect perfect for this wedding theme. Star or moon brooches and clips are put in hair, attached to bridal belts, clipped on shoes or are found in bouquets. When found in hair, these brooches sometimes feature chain dangling briolette wrapped drops. Concentric circles similar to the moon and its phases are seen, though crescent shapes tend to be the favorite.

Bridesmaids are seen wearing crescent moon or star pendants as well as zodiac-inspired jewelry. This provides a unique opportunity for you to give bridesmaids (and even the groomsmen) a personal, handmade thank you gift and keep their jewelry within the wedding theme. Create pendants with each person's zodiac constellation by using existing charms, punching holes in or adhering flat-back rhinestone in the formation. For more zodiac jewelry ideas and to view all the zodiac constellations see the Astrological and Zodiac Jewelry article.

Zodiac-Inspired Symbol Charm

Extra Details
Here are some additional galaxy wedding ideas you may want to try. Planet or constellation seating charts keep the theme going and are a fun way to name the various tables. Include a handy telescope for guests to star gaze and get some great photos. Guestbooks include alternative ideas such as a frameable picture or other wall hanging where guests sign inside stars.

Wondering what flowers to use? Stargazer lilies might be just what you're looking for with bright colors and the perfect name. Be sure to thank guests for joining your star-filled nuptial with a sign next to the favors in star-patterned gift pouches, which reads, "We're over the moon you joined us!" Speaking of signs, if you plan on having romantic phrases around, consider these often-seen suggestions:
  • "I love you to the moon and back"
  • "Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars" (the song Thinking Out Loud with this line is great to include, too)
  • "Written in the Stars"
  • "Time to drink champagne and dance under the stars"
  • "Tonight, we dance under the stars"
  • "You are what happened when I wished upon a star"
  • "You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars"
  • "We're over the moon you joined us" on the reception table or where the favors are
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Plan a wedding that is full of sparkle and star shine by taking these ideas and making them your own. It will be a wedding not soon forgotten.

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