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Contest Winners

2015 Seed Bead Contest Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner

2015 Seed Bead Grand Prize Gold Medal Winning Design - Guardians of the Forest
2015 Metal Contest Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner - Keiko Wada
Dessislava Vaughan
of the Forest"
Category Winner:
Necklace: Bib Style
Design Idea

Dessislava Vaughan's winning entry intrigues the imagination with an exquisite and extravagant necklace titled Guardians of the Forest. The artist-designer skillfully stitched seed beads to tell a fairy tale with green palette pearls and embellishments to create enchanted forest vegetation watched over by the eyes of a big central owl focal point adorned with cabochons. "It took me over a year to complete this project, so it was a huge victory for me when it finally came to life."

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