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chainmaille resources

Chainmaille weavers, rejoice!

We've collected our best chainmaille tutorials in one place. Learn to create the most popular weaves: Byzantine, Full Persian 6-in-1, European 4-in-1, Turkish Round Maille and even Scalemaille! Explore individual techniques with easy-to-follow instructions, helpful 3D rendering, full video how-tos or complete maille projects. Plus, if you have questions about aspect ratios or how to make your own jump rings, we've got answers.


Weaving Scalemaille and Washermaille

Learn how to add bright color and fun texture to chainmaille jewelry designs by using washers and scales. Author and jewelry maker Vanessa Walilko walks you through the steps with insider tips and tricks.

Hosted by Vanessa Walilko

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Featured Design Inspiration

Anodized Aluminum & Chainmaille Jewelry Set

Energize your wardrobe with this vibrant chainmaille necklace and earring set. This design incorporates chainmaille flowers with scale drop components.

Helpful Technique: Using a Jump Ring Tool

Opening a large number of jump rings can be tricky without the right tools. We recommend using a Jump Ring Tool to easily grip and open any ring.

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