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 Single-Strand Necklace with Circle of Hope Handmade Glass Beads 

Single-Strand Necklace with Circle of Hope Handmade Glass Beads
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Circle of Hope Necklace 2001

Our thanks to all of the designers who contributed to this necklace.

The Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® Circle of Hope project has raised both awareness and money for the campaign against breast cancer. The idea originated with Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' employees and offers talented bead artists the opportunity to create and donate amazing handmade beads, or Beads for a Cure.

The Circle of Hope Necklaces are dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Fire Mountain acquired Single-Strand Necklace with Circle of Hope Handmade Glass Beads to call attention to the urgent need for additional funding for vital research. It is composed of breathtaking handmade beads from many different artists, a true labor of love. Each of us knows friends or family members who have been devastated by this disease. Breast cancer maims and kills; it is a disease which crosses gender, race, and age boundaries, creating havoc in its wake. We know that each of us would personally love to find the cure, if we could. If you're like us, you can only wish that a cure will be found before more loved ones are taken away from us.

Circle of Hope project

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Handmade beads created by talented artists in the beading and jewelry-making community.

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  • Handmade beads from many different artists
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    This necklace was auctioned at the Bead and Button Show in 2001, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to raise funds for breast Cancer Research.

    Meet the caring and talented artists who have donated to the Circle of Hope!

    Alexandra Zikakis
    The Enchanted Blossom

    Amber French

    Kerri Martinez
    Blue Bonnet Beads

    Kimberly Adler

    Bonnie Celeste

    Kimberly Jo Affleck

    Cheryl Reeves

    Laura Gerard

    Cindy Craig

    Laura Shumar

    Cynthia Hudson

    Leslie Kurtz
    Crazy Twisties

    Deanna Griffin Dove

    Lezlie Belanger

    Debbie Mandel

    Linda Gillman

    Donna Ballard
    More Than Beads

    Louise Little

    Eddie Hill

    Lynda Graham

    Ellen Altamore

    Lynne Hoppe
    Right Brain Beads

    Emerald Kelley
    Little ELK Trading Post

    Margie Shanahan

    Gail Felter Boo
    Boo Boo Beads

    Margie Trembley

    Gail Pulkrabek

    Margo Knight

    Gary Haun

    Heather Davis

    Marjorie Langston

    Ingrid Regen

    Melissa Iverson

    Jeannie Johnson
    Just Jeannie

    Mimi Maxwell

    Jennifer Otte

    Priscilla Thornton
    Thorn Hill Glass

    Jeri Warhaftig

    Renee Holoubek

    Jiley Romney

    Sara LaGrand

    Sean Elwood
    By Our Hands

    Joan Heuvelhorst
    Still Water Studio

    Shirley Cook

    Kathie Rade

    Stephanie Bolinger

    Katie Palmer

    Tracy Thomas

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