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 Double-Strand Necklace with Circle of Hope Handmade Glass Beads 

Double-Strand Necklace with Circle of Hope Handmade Glass Beads
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Circle of Hope Necklace 2007

Our thanks to all of the designers who contributed to this necklace!

Each of us know friends or family members devastated by breast cancer, which maims and kills women and men alike. In 2001, the people of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads initiated the Circle of Hope Necklace, an annual awareness and fundraising effort. This necklace will be auctioned to raise funds for breast cancer research. Over 13 talented artists donated the beads on this year's necklace. Their names are listed with deep appreciation. The components were crafted into a unified artwork by Marlynn McNutt, who is a breast cancer survivor herself. Every year, the list of survivors gets longer. Every year, the circle of hope grows.

Be a part of the Circle of Hope project by donating your handmade beads.Circle of Hope project

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Handmade beads created by talented artists in the beading and jewelry-making community

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  • Chain 
  • Jumprings 
  • Handmade beads from many different and talented artists
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    Meet the 13 caring and talented artists who have donated to this year's Circle of Hope necklaces!

    Thank you to the talented and generous artists who donated one-of-a-kind art beads to the 2007 Circle of Hope project, in support of breast cancer research.

    Barbara LaCroix

    Bonnie Knapp

    Chanson Fujioka

    Dana and Donna Carter

    Donna Cason

    Mandy Williams

    Marcy Whiteside

    Marsha Byers

    Megan Ballarini

    Sandra Takaro-Miller

    Sharon Basham

    Sterling Sinclair Pickett

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