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 Double-Strand Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal 

Double-Strand Bracelet with Swarovski Crystal
This is a very versatile bracelet that goes just as well with formal or casual wear. Its whimsical butterfly design captures the attention of everyone that sees it.

This project is done using a two-needle technique which allows you to build both sides of the butterflies at the same time.

Note: each butterfly measures about 1-inch in length.
Step 1
Using the FiberFuse™ Thread Burner or wire nippers, cut 2 yards of Parachute 30-pound cord.
Step 2
Thread onto each end of the Parachute cord, one size 10 needle.

Note: Using a pair of chain-nose pliers, press on the end of the Parachute cord to flatten it out. This will make it easier to thread a needle onto the end.
Step 3
Pass the needle through the loop on one half of the clasp, then slide the clasp to the center of the length of Parachute cord.
Step 4
Thread onto each needle, two 4mm Swarovski bicones, passing through the beads in the same direction.
Step 5
Thread onto each needle one 8mm Swarovski bicone.
Step 6
Thread onto one needle, one 4mm Swarovski bicone bead. Pass the other needle through the same bead but in the opposite direction so the threads criss cross and the bicone sits horizontally between the 8mm bicones.
Step 7
Thread the needle on the left through the hole on one end of one curved bar, making sure the curve yields to the inside of the bracelet.
Step 8
Thread onto the same needle two more of the 8mm bicones strung in Step 5.

Pass the thread back through the hole on the other end of the curved bar.

Pull the needle so the beads sit into place.
Step 9
Repeat Steps 7 - 8 with the other thread.
Step 10
Thread onto each needle, one 8mm bicone of the second color.
Step 11
Repeat Steps 6 - 10, alternating colors, until you have reached the desired length you would like your bracelet to be.
Step 12
Add two 4mm bicones to each side.
Step 13
Thread the needles in opposite directions through the loop on the second-half of the clasp, crisscrossing the thread.
Step 14
Thread each needle back through the two 4mm bicones on the respective side and then through the hole on the curved tube bead.
Step 15
Tie off the thread using a half-hitch knot. Add a drop of G-S Hypo Cement to the knot, to keep it from coming loose. Then, while the glue is still wet, thread through the next 8mm bicone pulling the knot into part of the hole of the bead.
Step 16
When the glue dries inside the bead you can cut off the excess thread on each side.

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