Topics: Making a Floating Pearl and Crystal Necklace

I want to make a floating pearl and crystal necklace for my daughter's prom dress. I saw one using gold Accu-Flex® wire with the pearls crimped on each side. It looked really cool--but I am unsure of the weight of the wire: .019 inches or .024 inches diameter?
- Evelyn
Cultured freshwater pearls usually have a hole size of 0.5 millimeter or 1/64 inch, so we would recommend stringing pearls on 0.019-inch 49-strand Accu-Flex professional-quality beading wire. If the pearls you're using are smaller than 6 millimeters, the holes may be smaller than .5mm so you might need to use 0.014-inch 49-strand Accu-Flex.

You will find it helpful to have a pearl reamer on hand so you can enlarge the holes of your pearls.


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