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I recently purchased "The Bosses Bag." In it was a long chain with crystals in the links. I think it might be called a cup chain. I would love to make tennis bracelets with the chain but I cannot find anything on your site that tells me how to add a clasp to the ends. Please help.
- Noreen
Cupchain connectors are designed to terminate your cupchain. Cupchain connectors are designed specifically to accommodate 2mm and 4mm cupchain. Simply add a dab of glue to secure, place cupchain in connector, push down then bend 2 prongs over with pliers. Connector can also fit other types of cube beads smaller than 4mm in size. See the how-to video listed in the resources below.

One alternative is to glue the cupchain into a cord end, They have loops on the end allowing you to easily attach a clasp. Wire wrapping is another way to add a finish to the ends of cup chain. Wrap wire around the last "cup," so the wire is secure, then pull the wire into a cone so the end of the cone and the wire are securely hidden inside the cone. Finish the wire with a wrapped loop to attach your clasp.

Have fun!

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry Making Expert

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