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I have silver tone fashion jewelry that with only a few times of wearing it, the silver tone begins to rub off. I know they will not last a lifetime, but I can only wear them a few times before they look old and faded. I know this happens because of the oils on my skin and products I use. My question is the following, is there any type of silver tone or even sterling silver finish liquid or spray or even paint that you can brush on to "refinish" these pieces and make them look new again? Thank you!
- Paola
Having your jewelry professionally replated is the best way to repair damaged or worn plating. Visit your preferred jewelry store to see what the cost would be and then consider getting a second quote before making a final decision.

For a temporary solution, you can try the following to help disguise the affected area: Note: Keep in mind that a camouflaged/modified piece of vintage or costume jewelry may lose monetary value.

Brush on a layer of DesignaSize gold leaf adhesive, apply a piece of silver leaf sheet then seal the leaf with DesignaSeal clear gloss top coat for protection of the leaf surface and resistance to tarnish. Obtain a thicker metal texture by applying two or more layers of metal leaf.

Another affordable solution is to use Krylon brand leafing pens to temporarily camouflage the damaged area. They are available in five metallic shades including silver, and are advertised to adhere to wood, metal, plastic, glass and more. Either option will leave you with metallic color-match issues to deal with and you may have to cover more than just the damaged area for color blending.

In the future, to help prolong the life of silver finished jewelry, following manufacturer's instructions, apply one or two coats of DesignaSeal then reapply as needed.

- Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert