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What size bead should I use to put between charms for a Pandora or Biagi bracelet? The mm means next to nothing to average people. Thanks!
- Helen
6mm or 1/4 inch diameter beads would be a nice complement to most Pandora or Biagi-style beads and charms.

The SmartBead BPS™ or Bead Positioning System is the best option for use with Pandora-style bracelets. Each SmartBead has a silicone lining that grips chain to keep the beads in place and is easy to position or reposition. Inside diameter is approximately 2.5 - 3mm, fitting 3mm caprice or snake chain, wire, leather, rubber or silk cord.

For help measuring your own jewelry to ensure a precise fit, down to the millimeter, use a slide gauge or digital caliper which also translate into inches.

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