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Is it OK to crimp FireLine and soft Illusion cord? Will the thread break over time around the crimp? Thank you.
- Anna
Berkley® FireLine®, Illusion Cord and Spiderwire® work well when designing with beads that have sharp edges, although they are susceptible to breaking when cut by really sharp edges on beads and metal, such as a crimped crimp bead. It is recommended to finish these materials using a surgeon's knot. For a professional finish, hide the knots in either a bead tip or crimp cover.

Crimping is recommended on Accu-Flex® beading wire, Acculon® and Tigertail™. These materials are braided stainless steel cables coated with nylon and made to hold up to the crimped metal of a crimp bead, as well as sharp beading holes and edges.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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