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I live in a retirement home and help the ladies by putting on magnet clasps to make it easier to fasten. I have been able to convert their earrings in many ways: from wire to clip, wire to stud, etc. The one I am unsuccessful at is to convert clip to another finding. There are always sharp metal bits that I cannot smooth. I do not solder and need a solution for this type of conversion. Thanks!
- Judy
Clip-on earring findings can be successfully removed with a few steps.
  • Cut off the clip as close to the earring backing as possible
  • File down the burs with a metal needle file, coarse grits of emery paper or polishing papers
  • Slightly roughen up (file) the area to which you will later apply adhesive and a new finding. This will help the adhesive adhere. Make certain the area is clean of any metal dust or other residue from filing.
  • Choose an appropriate adhesive to affix metal to metal, or other type of finding material to metal. Two-part epoxy is a good choice for this application but there are others. View the ''Glue Types and Information'' chart for more information on the many glues available.
- Sandra Lupo, Jewelry Designer and Instructor and Swarovski crystal Ambassador

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