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I am making a bracelet out of horse hair for my daughter....can you tell me how I should do the ends? I've never made jewelry. Thanks!
- Denise
Thoroughly wash and dry the horsehair, gather hair to the desired thickness and trim to 4 to 5 times the length of the finished design (especially if braiding the hair). Using wire or strong cord or thread--like Kevlar, parachute cord or FireLine®, tightly wrap and secure one end of the hair. Place E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive around the thread and the end of the hair then add a cord end to cover the end of the hair and the wrapped wire or thread. Once the end is secure it can be attached to a clasp or finding using a jumpring.

You can also make a braided bracelet:
  • Lay the hairs out flat and tie a knot at one end
  • Put a safety pin thorough the knot and fasten the safety pin on a pillow to hold the hairs steady and braid them until you reach the end
  • Wrap the braid around your wrist to measure how long it needs to be
  • Secure the ends by adding a couple of drops of instant adhesive on the braid where you want the bracelet to start and end. Let dry and add a few more drops for super security
  • Cut the two ends of the braid then glue and squeeze to fit each end into cord ends. Use jumprings to add a clasp to the loops on each cord end
For other ideas on finishing the end of your design, read the article "A Dozen Ways to End a Necklace."

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author, Jewelry Making Expert and Swarovski Ambassador

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