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Crimp Sizes

See the minimum inside diameter required in a crimp tube or bead for 1-strand, 2-strand and 3-strand designs.

Wire Diameter
Crimp with one strand
1 Strand
Crimp with two strands
2 Strands
Crimp with three strands
3 Strands
Minimum Inside Diameter of Crimp
0.026''/0.66mm 0.052"/1.32mm 0.10"/2.54mm 0.156"/3.96mm
0.024''/0.61mm 0.048"/1.22mm 0.096"/2.44mm 0.144"/3.66mm
0.020''/0.51mm 0.04"/1.02mm 0.08"/2.03mm 0.12"/3.05mm
0.019''/0.48mm 0.038"/0.97mm 0.076"/1.93mm 0.114"/2.9mm
0.015''/0.38mm 0.03"/0.76mm 0.06"/1.52mm 0.09"/2.29mm
0.014''/0.36mm 0.028"/0.71mm 0.056"/1.42mm 0.084"/2.13mm
0.012''/0.3mm 0.024"/0.61mm 0.048"/1.22mm 0.072"/1.83mm
0.0095''/0.24mm 0.019"/0.48mm 0.038"/0.97mm 0.057"/1.45mm
0.0083''/0.21mm 0.017"/0.43mm 0.033"/0.84mm 0.05"/1.27mm
0.007''/0.18mm 0.014"/0.36mm 0.028"/0.72mm 0.042"/1.07mm

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