Jade, Mountain Gemstone Properties

Design Possibilities

Vibrant mountain "jade" beads are as strong, beautiful and fascinating as the stone they come from. They're actually a high-grade dolomite marble from Asia. Over the ages, mineral remains of shells and skeletons of millions of tiny sea animals were metamorphosed into this strong, beautiful marble used for centuries by sculptors. Mountain "jade" beads are that marble dyed vivid, gleaming colors. They're a perfect choice for makers of fine costume jewelry. Use them any place you want accents of bright, vivid color, or for long necklaces where you want one brilliant color to "sing" in your jewelry. And a classy song it will be, at a cost that will make you and your customers ecstatic.

Metaphysical/Healing Properties

Remember circus tightrope walkers? They wore brilliant colored costumes when they walked those tight ropes. They had to be absolutely focused. Arms out, eyes fixed straight ahead, they started out along that wire, sometimes teetering a bit, but always righting themselves. Perfect balance was an absolute requirement. That's how marble helps us. The darker shades help those with excessively high male energy by softening that male energy when it becomes destructive. The lighter shades aid those whose female energy is working overtime and making them feel overly sensitive. Wear marble whenever your life seems out of balance-like when you're starting a new job, or a new relationship, or moving to a new town or city-all activities that require some tightrope walking to get from one "place" to another.

Mineral Information Dolomite marble
Chemical Composition CaMg(CO3)2
Color A variety of vibrant colors
Hardness 3-1/2 - 4-1/2
Specific Gravity 2.85-2.95

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**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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