Agate, Tree Gemstone Properties

Design Possibilities

Anything dappled is lovely: dappled horses, dappled fawns, dappled agate, perhaps, most of all. These lovely white tree agate beads and cabochons with their inclusions like dappled, green leaves are agate matrix, the very womb of agate, if you will. The name agate itself harkens back to antiquity and the Achates River in Sicily where agates are thought to have been found. At least 3000 years ago, the Egyptians were making seals, rings, and vessels from agate. I include tree agate beads wherever I want to create a sense of the ancient enduring beauty of natural things-dappled things, especially.

Metaphysical/Healing Properties

Imagine this: It's spring. In the backyard beneath that huge, old apple tree that has been there forever, you stretch out a blanket and lie down. A great green canopy spreads above you. Tiny white blossoms fill the air with their pure, sweet fragrance. All those worries about everything you thought you needed or might need disappear completely. You are fine. Everything you need is being provided. Like that old apple tree, the balance and beauty of nature is at work in your own life. That's the valuable message of tree agate. And unlike tiny white apple blossoms, with tree agate you don't have to wait until spring to experience it.

Mineral Information Microcrystalline quartz, banded chalcedony
Chemical Composition SiO2
Color White base with dappled green inclusions
Hardness 6-1/2 - 7
Specific Gravity 2.60-2.65
Refractive Index 1.544-1.553

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**Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat medical conditions. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements.

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