Brooch with Swarovski® Crystals, Cat's Eye Glass Cabochon and Enamel and Gold-Plated Pewter Charm

Use E6000 Jewelry and Craft Adhesive to glue one 10x3mm fancy leaf bead cap to the front side of one white cat's eye 12mm cabochon, so the edge of the bead cap rests along the edge of the cabochon. Set aside to dry.
Glue one 17x15mm oval drop to the flat back side of the cabochon with the loop resting below the bottom of the bottom edge of the cabochon. Set aside to dry.
Glue the top of the Lazer Lace™ fancy fan toward the bottom of the 38x18mm fancy butterfly focal. Set aside to dry.
Glue the cat's eye and oval setting combo above the fancy fan at the top of the focal. Set aside to dry.
String one Siam 6mm round onto one 2-inch star headpin then form a simple loop, creating a Siam drop. Repeat to create a second Siam drop, two crystal clear drops and one dark indigo drop.
Attach crystal drops along the bottom of the fancy fan in the following pattern: one Siam, clear, dark indigo, clear, and Siam.
Glue one USA flag charm below the cabochon. Set aside to dry.
Glue a tie tac toward the top of the back side of the butterfly focal. Set aside to dry.

Wear and enjoy!

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