''Be an Angel''

''Be an Angel''
by Lisa Coen, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's easy to be an angel. You don't need to buy a pair of wings at the costume shop (unless you really want to), you just need to open up your heart and show kindness to others. Many people are already angels in practice. Perhaps they head up a children's enrichment program or charity, take an elderly friend to brunch, donate to the local food bank or drop a gift in the Toys for Tots box each Christmas. Some may simply offer a smile and "Hello" to the people they pass each day. Maybe their good deeds go unnoticed.

Sharing your creative talents is another great way to be an angel. Inspire kindness in others by making jewelry for charity or by teaching your beading skills to retirees and those confined to hospitals. Donate your handcrafted items to fundraisers and offer your surplus supplies to design schools or community beading groups. Keep a supply of your jewelry on hand when you're out and about; you just might find a reason to offer something as a gift to a friend or even to a service worker. One of our customers often tips waitresses with her handcrafted earrings--a great way to be an angel!

You never know what's going on in someone else's world--people around you could be dealing with all types of stress. Lift their mood with some angelic action. Just imagine how happy it would make someone to receive a surprise jewelry gift: a necklace presented to a parent honoring their son or daughter recently deployed in the military, a friendship bracelet offered to a young teenager needing a boost of self-esteem or a pair of earrings gifted to an overwhelmed new mother.

Offering kindness is a wonderful way to be an angel and uplift others, plus it makes you feel great. Try one (or all!) of these ideas and see what happens ... you just might start a trend.

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