by Brett Wilder, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

What makes you feel good as a shopper? What makes you choose one seller over another? Chances are those little things that please you about a certain seller will please those looking to buy your designs, too. And you will feel good doing them, guaranteed.

Here are a few simple ways that both start-up and established sellers can boost sales, establish and grow a customer base and stand out from the crowd:

Gift Boxed Gift Wrapping and Boxes

Offering gift boxes--perhaps even FREE gift boxes--can make you a go-to seller. Any packaging twist you can add, like a decorative label, pretty tissue paper or even a bed of potpourri, can make a big impression on the buyer and his/her gift recipient.

Free Gifts

Giveaways make customers remember a nice gesture on your part. What you spend on a polishing cloth, information pamphlet or attractive pouch will pay off in the special impression it makes. Upscale jewelry can be paired with upscale packaging like carved soapstone boxes, which can find a place on a customer's vanity or dresser and will bring you to mind each time it's seen.

Look Your Best

Whether you sell your designs in a show booth or a retail space, presentation helps create a good customer experience. Showcase designs with professional displays and be sure to have adequate lighting. Pay attention to attractive booth or store décor, and get in the habit of changing things up to keep repeat buyers interested.

Customer Service

Address customer inquiries with focus, enthusiasm and sincerity, provide proactive care tips and information, and guarantee purchases to your customers' satisfaction. See the EncycloBEADia® for useful information that you can share with your buyers.

Here are a couple of tips aimed especially at internet sellers:

Quality Photography

People make, sell and buy jewelry because it looks nice. Whether creating a site for an established business or offering designs on sites like Etsy, better photography=better sales! We've assembled some basic photo tips as a guide, and you may consider buying an affordable miniature photo studio light tent kit that will help achieve good results.
Isn't That Special: Tips to Boost Sales, Loyalty and Word-of-Mouth

Promise Less, Deliver More:

Have you ever been delighted to receive a package sooner than expected? This good feeling is easy to replicate for your buyers: establish a solid knowledge of shipping times and add a day to your delivery estimate. Voila! Early delivery! Figuring in extra shipping time also guards against later-than-estimated delivery if a package is unexpectedly held up. You might consider free shipping within certain limits.

Dare to be special--adopt some proven practices that go beyond the beauty of your designs to add appeal to YOU as a seller.

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Customer Comments

We Appreciate Your Comments! We would like to share some of the customer comments we received in response to the article "," as featured in an email newsletter. Please keep in mind that the comments expressed below are those of our customers and do not reflect the views of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

"I used the pretty pouches available through FM for my sales. I rented a large jewelry showcase at an antique store, and one lady, who bought seven necklace sets over the summer, loved choosing just the right pouch for her purchases! It amazed me that such a little thing could mean so much! Good tips, thanks!"
- Priscilla

"Great tips. I will be doing a craft show in November and this gave me some good ideas for displaying."
- Linda

"This is absolutely excellent advice. Thank you."
- Shelley

"I have been doing all of the above and increasing my sales and my satisfied customer list. Home shows done 'open house' style have worked the best for me. The last show was 3 hrs and my sales were $600, and that's with no jewelry sets priced above $30. One customer said my displays looked so nice, it made her feel like she wanted to buy everything!"
- Gail

"Loved it! Thanks"
- Brenda

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