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Using Cones

by Marlynn McNutt, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

If adding chain to your eyepin, use flat-nose pliers to gently twist open the loop on the eyepin. Do not pull the loop open, out of round, twist it out to the side. Slip on the last loop of the lengths of chain then close the eyepin loop.

If finishing the ends of your beadwork with a cone, knot your thread ends around the loop on the eyepin.
Insert the eyepin into the wide opening of the cone. Pull the eyepin up inside the cone so that the ends of the chain or thread are hidden.
Using round-nose pliers, grasp the eyepin about 1/4 inch above the narrow opening of the cone. Bend the eyepin to a 90 degree angle.
Rotate the pliers vertically, and bend the eyepin around the pliers so the end of the wire is facing straight down, forming a partial loop.
Rotate the pliers horizontally and bend the eyepin around the pliers facing away from you and forming a complete loop.
While supporting the loop with round-nose pliers grasp the end of the eyepin with flat-nose pliers. Wrap the end around the wire from the loop down to the top of the cone. This will support the cone and keep it in place. Make sure that all of your wraps are tight and close together.

Finish by adding your finding to the loop above the cone.

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