How to Make a Peyote Stitch

by Marlynn McNutt, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Cut a length of thread (Nymo® or FireLine®) to a comfortable length for you to work with. The longer your thread, the farther you can work before you will have to add a new thread.

Optional: You can add a stop bead to your thread if you'd like. The stop bead will help keep your first row of beads in place while the peyote pattern develops. Be sure not to incorporate your stop bead into your beadwork.

Almost double your thread to make it easier to work with, but do leave a tail so you are working with only one thread.
Following the instructions for your project, string the first row of beads onto your thread. This should be an even amount.
String on one bead, pass the needle through the next-to-last bead strung on the thread then pull the thread to tighten the beads up.
String on a bead, skip the next bead in the row then pass the needle through the bead after that. Pull the thread to tighten the beads up.
Turn your work around so you are working in the same direction as the last row. Notice how the stitch has created an up and down pattern.

Pick up a bead and pass your needle through the first 'popped up' bead. Continue to pick up a bead and pass the needle through the popped up beads, until you make your way across the length of the row.
Repeat Step 5 until you reach the length the project instructions indicate.

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