Bead Stopper™, How-To

Presented by Katie Hacker
Instructions by Jennifer, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Stop beads from falling off with the bead stopper!

Learn how to use the amazing bead stopper in this how-to video by well-known jewelry artist Katie Hacker.

© 2009 Bead Stopper Company. Video provided with permission from Bead Stopper Company.

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Squeeze the end loops on the coil of the Bead Stopper™ to spread the coils apart from one another.
Insert the stringing material in between two of the coils of the bead stopper.
Release the end loops when the stringing material is inserted at the desired length.

Tip: The same can be done for a multiple-strand piece.

Other uses:
  • Arrange needles by size
  • Seal plastic baggies
  • Create stitch work with seed beads or peyote stitch
    • Pass the needles through the first row of beads, clipping the bead stopper on either end of the needle so that the needle doesn't slide off of the stringing material
  • There are two sizes of bead stoppers: standard and mini
    • Use the larger bead stopper for larger, bolder beads or thicker stringing material
    • Use the smaller bead stopper for smaller beads or thinner stringing material
  • Multiple strands can be inserted into one coil or separate coils in order to see how the project will drape or how the beads will lay in the design
  • The bead stopper can be used in place of an alligator clip, adhesive tape or anything that may leave residue on your project

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