Customer Service Shopping Product Tags

Shopping Product Tags for Regular Stock, Designer Quality, Best Seller and Limited Quantity Beads

Product tags help you quickly determine the type of product you are looking at.

Products can fall under one, two or more categories. Below is an explanation of each type:

Regular Stock

Regular Stock products are part of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' regular purchasing process and give access to consistent, standardized materials, shapes, sizes and more. A Regular Stock item comes from tried-and-true reputable vendors and dealers. Our buyers work hard to keep these products in stock.

Limited Quantity

Limited Quantity products are unique purchasing opportunities that give you access to unusual materials, patterns, shapes, sizes and more. These products become available through a variety of special circumstances that may not be repeated. Therefore, each item is available only in limited quantities.

Best Seller

Just as the tag says, these are best-selling products.

Designer Quality

The Designer Quality tag is used for A or B grade gemstone beads and components.

Since Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is a charter member of the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), we adhere to their standards for enhancement codes for all gemstones and gemstone materials we sell. Learn more about AGTA's types of bead material enhancements in the Gemstone Enhancement Guide.