Customer Service Sales Tax Information

Effective March 6th, 2019, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads will begin to collect sales tax on orders. This change is due to the recent US Supreme Court ruling that allows individual US states to require on-line and direct-marketing businesses to collect sales taxes. Sales tax will be shown in the order total and based on the sales tax rate of the location the order is shipped to.

If you have a business that requires you to have a Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate, you will still be able to purchase from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads without paying sales tax on your orders. Soon you will receive an email from a company called Avalara that Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has retained to maintain our sales tax activity. They will provide you with details and instructions on how to apply for the tax-exempt status. They will keep your tax-exempt information on file and will follow up with you when your certification is about to expire. Please be sure to sign up as soon as you get the email from Avalara because without it we will not be able to sell to you without charging sales tax.