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Bead, Sleeping Beauty turquoise (natural), 3mm round, A- grade, Mohs hardness 5 to 6. Sold per 15-1/2" to 16" strand.

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Hole Size:  0.5-1.5mm

Sleeping Beauty turquoise is one of the most highly prized turquoise veins in the world today. This turquoise, often referred to as "Persian color," has long been sought after by fine jewelers in both Europe and America, and is suitable for becoming a focal point nestled within rows of diamonds.

The tonal range of this extremely rare and hard-to-find turquoise will vary from light to medium with occasional matrix. Now available from the incredible Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, this turquoise sets the standard for the world.

Zachery process is a common polishing practice in the turquoise industry utilizing electrical currents to prevent the turquoise from changing color due to body oils, perfumes, etc. This process does not add polymers, dyes or coloring. Most turquoise on the market is stabilized, and Zachery-processed turquoise is still considered a natural turquoise.

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