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Book, "Steampunkery, Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Projects" by Christi Friesen. Sold individually.

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Steampunkery? What's that about?

Well, start with "steampunk." "Steampunk" is a look-- a sort of Victorian-era mad scientist-adventurer look-- all clockwork gears and brassy bits, leathery straps, and even the occasional bit of lacey filigree. Now apply that look to polymer clay creativity and you have "steampunkery!" A wonderful way to combine polymer clay sculpting tricks (like making a miniature leather strap complete with wire buckle and tiny little fake stitching) with embellishments of vintage pieces (like watch parts), found objects (like old pen nibs), and stuff you've got in your craft stash (like beads and paper scraps). Doesn't that sound like fun?!

Softcover, full-color, 93 pages
Book size: 9-1/4 x6 inches
Level: intermediate
Books are shrink-wrapped and are returnable if unopened.

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Made in the USA

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There is a lot to enjoy in this book- a hinged heart pendant that opens to reveal it's inner workings, cute little steampunk critters (complete with goggles of course) and other fun stuff--pendants, sculptures, wall pieces, even things you can add to costumes, if you're into that sort of thing.

All the projects are presented step-by-step with lots of pictures and thorough explanations (with some silliness thrown in, just for fun). It doesn't matter what your skill level, the projects are challenging without being stressful, and structured without being confining. Plus there are lots of hints and creative nudgings to help keep your creative gears turning.

Steampunkery. You know you want it.

A project book for all skill levels. Step-by-step pictures combined with detailed and humorous instructions keep the pace quick and the excitement level high. Steampunk look combines a Victorian-era sense of romance with a clockwork mechanical-ness. This book adapts those characteristics to polymer clay creations and offers projects that are sophisticated yet playful, challenging without being difficult. This eighth book by well-known author/artist Christi Friesen is her best yet!

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