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Patina gel, Cool Tools, stabilized liver of sulfur. Sold per 2-ounce bottle.

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Give the look of naturally occurring patina to metal items and jewelry components with Cool Tools patina gel. The antique coloring solution works for fine silver, sterling silver, sterling silver-filled, copper, bronze and brass metals. Patina gel is liver of sulfur in a stabilized gel form--the shelf life is much longer than the chunk form of liver of sulfur and it doesn't degrade in light and air like lump or liquid forms of liver of sulfur. Cool Tools patina gel is non-flammable and easy to use. Add a small amount of Cool Tools patina gel to warm water and dip or soak items until the desired color effect develops. The gel can also be brushed on items in full strength directly from the bottle. Cubic zirconia, lab-created and glass stones are unharmed by patina gel. Any natural gemstone that can be fired in place is safe for patina gel. Not for use with turquoise, lapis lazuli, shells, pearls or other soft stones--set these types of materials after all patination is complete. Store in a cool, dark place with lid tightly closed.

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