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Adhesive, Super Glue®, 2-part epoxy, 5-minute, light yellow. Sold per pkg of (2) 0.1-ounce tubes.

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Waterproof 5-minute 2-part epoxy by the makers of the original Super Glue® makes beading, jewelry-making and other applications even more convenient. Each package contains a pair of 0.1-ounce tubes with self-piercing caps for easy use and easy clean up. Tubes are ideal for quick projects, creating kits for resale or jewelry-making classes. Ideal for bonding glass, metal, china, wood, fiberglass or any project that can allow for a 5-minute set time for parts. Epoxy works best on clean, non-porous surfaces. Smooth surfaces may need to be roughened with sandpaper or files for better adhesion. Not recommended for drinking water applications. See back of package for full instructions.

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