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Adhesive, Super Glue® Future Glue®, clear, brush-on. Sold per 0.17-ounce bottle.

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Item Number: H20-6584BS Have a question about this item?

Overall strength: high
Use: multi-purpose; will bond a multitude of porous and non-porous materials
Drying time: 10-30 seconds with full bond strength at 24 hours.
Color once dry: clear

With almost instant bonding power, this versatile, high-performance Super Glue® Future Glue® brush-on works extremely well for a multitude of porous and non-porous jewelry-making surfaces, while retaining stability in temperatures from -65° to 180°F. Ideal for small or large surfaces requiring thorough glue coverage, Future Glue® brush-on evenly coats surfaces while helping to avoid skin contact. Well-designed brush allows for easy control and accurate application, even when applying very small quantities.

Special Notes: Use proper ventilation when working with this product and avoid contact with eyes and skin. When using this product, safety glasses with a side shield and non-sticking rubber gloves are recommended. Allow product to reach room temperature before use.

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