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I purchased safety pins (6263FN) for a bead project to go along with stretch awareness bracelets I make and sell. I want to put beads on the pins but realized the beads must be on the opposite side, (have to pass the loop). Do you have any suggestions, can the loop be expanded and closed again or is there another way? This is my first time using safety pins. Thank you.

- Susan

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Yes, the loop can be expanded. Open the safety pin. If you have a pair of split ring openers, use them to open the coil end of the safety pin. When the coil has been separated, you will have enough of an opening to pass seed beads to the closed side of the safety pin. View the how-to video "Using Split Ring Pliers" with illustrated instructions to learn more.

If you don't have a pair of split ring openers, use two pairs of chain-nose pliers instead. Position the pliers on each bar, then gently pull the bars in opposite directions until there is enough of an opening to pass the beads around the rings. When the beads are all in place, compress the ring with your chain-nose pliers back to its original shape. This will only work with smaller beads, like seed beads, as larger beads will be difficult to get past the curves of the safety pin ring.