Bulk Buys = A Better Bottom Line

Every cent counts when you're looking to make money selling jewelry and bulk buys are a huge benefit to any jewelry maker's bottom line.

To make it even easier to save, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers a wide selection of items in bulk pack sizes for high-producing jewelry artists, bead supply resellers and any jewelry maker who needs to keep tried-and-true jewelry-making supplies ready and on-hand.

You will find large packages sizes of many popular products, including:

Look for the "other package sizes(s)" link on any product/search result page to see if bulk-size packages and savings are available.

Purchasing these larger pack sizes can lower your per piece cost, which reduces the cost of each creation and lowers your bottom line.

Just like these materials are the foundation for your designs, your customers are the base of your business. Show your gratitude for their patronage by passing the savings onto them.

Buying larger quantities also keeps your bins stocked and production flowing smoothly without big wait times for multiple packages and their shipping fees.

Want to save even more money? Platinum Partners at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads place large bulk orders to help their business grow while saving on every order with additionally discounted pricing. Call the customer service department at (888) 364-4378 to find out how you too can reach Platinum Partner status and save on each order.

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