How to use Bezelite and Bezelite-Style Settings


Bezelite settings give a great professional look to your faceted stones.They come in sterling silver, gold-filled and "vermeil", in earrings and pendant findings.


Step 1

Choose the exact size setting for your calibrated stone. For example, if you have a 5mm stone, choose a 5mm setting.

Step 2

Cut a round disc, slightly larger than the setting, out of a plastic lid.

Step 3

Dip your chain-nose pliers in the Tool Magic™ and let them dry for two to three hours.

Step 4
Pushing setting down onto stone

Place your faceted stone crown (face) down on a clean surface. Place your setting front down on a clean surface. With the tweezers, pick up the stone and place it crown down in through the back of the setting.

Step 5

Pick up the setting with the stone inside. Make sure to support the stone from the back and that the stone is sitting well in the setting. The stone should not have much wiggle room and should look flush with the front of the setting.

Step 6
Closing setting with pliers

Place the round piece of plastic on the front of the setting. The plastic will protect the metal on the front of the setting from your pliers. With your chain-nose pliers that are coated with Tool Magic, gently press down on the prongs on the side of the setting until they are laying flat against the back of the stone, holding it firmly in the setting.

Step 7

Working diagonally, press down a second prong.

Step 8
Setting with all prongs pushed down

Continue around the setting pressing all the prongs down until the stone is secure.

Step 9
Completed setting

Check your stone from the front of the setting to make sure it is still flush and well set. Tap on the face of the stone to make sure it is held tightly in the setting. If there is any movement, press down on the prongs again.

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