Secrets to Opening and Closing Jumprings


See how to open a jumpring without misshaping the wire, and also how to close jumprings properly, in this quick video tutorial led by expert jewelry maker and educator, Tammy Honaman.


Step 1

Hold a jumpring with a pair of chain-nose pliers at about the 1 o'clock position then, with a pair of flat-nose pliers, hold the same jumpring at the 11 o'clock position.

While maintaining one hand steady, gently twist the wrist of your opposing hand away or towards your body to open.

Note: It is important not to pull outwards as you will ruin the shape of the jumpring.

Step 2

Reverse the twist to close. Repeat a few times, bringing the ends of the jumpring past each other so they touch slightly, creating tension in the wire and adding strength to the opening. Make sure the seams are lined up.

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