The Story Behind the Boss' Bead Bag

This all started because Stuart Freedman made "The Rule."

When Fire Mountain Gems and Beads was just a little store in Studio City, CA, Stuart decided on "The Rule": if you took it out, you cleaned it and put away; if you dropped it, you picked it up and re-sorted it.

That meant trays and trays of beads and finished jewelry. The finished jewelry was Chris' passion, so she was pretty excited about this rule: all the jewelry she took out of the cases, she got to oooh and aaah over as she put it away. The beads, on the other hand, were Stuart's thing.

Which was all fine and dandy, until the day he dropped a few stacked trays of beads. Pounds of gemstone, wood, metal and glass beads hit the floor and scattered in a dozen directions. Stuart met Chris' eyes as she backed away from the mess ... they both knew "The Rule."

As Stuart swept all the loose beads together, he viewed the upcoming sorting project with dread. Then he got an idea: mix it all up together and offer it as a grab bag. He was The Boss, he could do that! He mixed all the beads up in a tub, then measured out a pound of beading goodness, stuck it in a bag and priced it.

And the Boss' Bead Bag was born.


Discover the endless design possibilities of the Boss' Bead Bag as jewelry designer Rose creates an eclectic Bohemian-style bracelet from miscellaneous pieces. From beads, charms, findings and more, these one-pound grab bags contain everything you need to get your creative juices flowing.

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