LauraLynn Meet the Designer-Artist

Where do you live?

Grants Pass, Oregon

Describe your artistic style:

Eclectic. I like to do a little bit of everything. I have three main styles: big and chunky, wire-wrapping, and everything rainbow. I also love working with Swellegant!™. You can take any piece of material and turn it into metal: paper, acrylic, glass...anything.

What inspires you as a designer-artist?

The products, nature, and sunsets. A visiting artist, Jody Young, came to Fire Mountain Gems and filmed a how-to video on bead embroidery. Her style inspired me to create Design Idea L53E.

What medium do you work with mostly?

Wire, gemstones, crystals, and Swellegant!™

Have you entered contests with your jewelry?

Since I have worked at Fire Mountain Gems, I have entered jewelry into three employee contests. I placed at least second in all three. That was a clue to me that maybe I should go to work making jewelry.

When and how did you start making jewelry?

Before I started working at Fire Mountain Gems in 2009, I didn't wear jewelry. I didn't even know what a head pin was. I was hired as a Spanish-speaking Customer Service Representative and I was assisting customers on the phone. I took every employee beading class offered at Fire Mountain Gems and learned everything I could there. Then, I took a class with a local artist, learned wire working from her, and fell in love with it.

Who inspired you?

When my late father-in-law saw my first necklaces, he was impressed. He thought I had talent and wanted me to make jewelry and sell it. He wanted me to have supplies. He gave me a budget of $500, then he gave me another $500, so I could buy everything I needed. He was the best--my hero.

Do you have an artistic background, other hobbies?

I have always been creative. I took classes in choir, arts, and electronics while in high school. Every teacher said I had talent and encouraged me to continue. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I did macramé with my cousins. We made hanging tables. My stepmother was a grade schoolteacher and I would help her do the artwork for her classes. My aunt was a seamstress and with her help I got to design and make the dress I wore to a prom one year.

I am also a beer brewer and won second place with a chocolate mint stout in a national competition called Queen of Beers.

What role does jewelry making play in your life?

It is paying my bills. After 10 years working in Customer Service, I am now making jewelry at Fire Mountain. I am thrilled about being able to work with an endless amount of supplies. I am in awe that at the age of 55 I had the opportunity to change my profession and do something that I love to do. Who gets that chance? I am a novice compared to the others on the team and I appreciate the chance to learn on the job.

If you use jewelry to bring in income, how are you selling yourself and your jewelry?

Although I am not selling jewelry right now, I did have an art show at a local health spa where I had 45 pieces on display for one month. One month later, I had $450.

Have you donated your jewelry to charity fundraisers?

I have donated pieces to raffles for the German Club fundraiser at the local high school when my son was in the club. I also donated jewelry to the Hellgate Homebrewers, where I am a member.

Advice for aspiring jewelry-makers

Just go with what you feel. Don't be critical of what you make. Even if you don't like it, it might be perfect for someone else.

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