Endless Necklace

The possibilities are endless ... and claspless! Here's how to build a long necklace that slips over the head and has no visible beginning or end. These instructions show you how to make it without gaps.


Step 1
Trim shorter thread, Remove needle

If your necklace is long enough to slip over the head and the pattern is repetitive, you can eliminate the clasp and create a long strand that appears to have no beginning or end. A large circular bead board is always useful for laying out any necklace. For an endless strand it is extremely helpful for checking the consistency of the pattern.

Lay out the beads in a circle on a bead board or terrycloth towel, making sure that the pattern is continuous. String and knot all but the last 3 beads. Make the last knot a double half-hitch and put a dot of glue on it. Trim the shorter cord and remove the needle. String 1 of the final 3 beads on the remaining cord.

Diagram of a Half-Hitch Knot
Step 2
Trim one thread, Add needle

Trim one cord from the loop knot and thread the needle on the remaining cord. String 2 of the final 3 beads.

Step 3
Final three beads are larger in this example

Each cord passes through 2 of the 3 final beads. Pull each cord taut and make a double half-hitch where each emerges. Glue and trim the knots.

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