DIY Energy Bracelets Are As Easy As 1-2-3

Energy bracelets are more than just jewelry. These bracelets represent individual spirituality, metaphysical energy and connection. Also known as power bracelets and yoga bracelets, gemstone energy bracelets are similar to mala bracelets and chakra jewelry.

Take advantage of this sought-after jewelry style by making energy bracelets to sell online and at craft fairs. And the best part? You can make them in three easy steps:

1. Choose Your Gemstones

Most energy bracelets have a primary gemstone based on color, metaphysical properties or chakra association.

Neutral-color stones, like lava stone or quartz crystal, can be used to frame the featured gemstones or break up color blocks. As an added selling point, unwaxed lava stone allows for essential oils to be added for your aromatherapy-loving customers.

Charms can also add meaning to energy bracelets. Popular charms include lotus flowers, zodiac signs, initials, affirmation charms and more. Let your customers pick out their favorite at the time of purchase to create a truly personalized piece.

Use our organized gemstone beads page to find gemstones by color, shape and name for easy selection. Take advantage of bulk-buy promo beads to easily create stock for sales.

2. String Your Bracelet

Powercord® is perfect for stringing energy bracelets. This latex-free, high-quality elastic returns to its original shape after stretching and is easily finished with a surgeon’s knot and a dab of E6000® Jewelry & Bead™ adhesive or G-S Hypo Cement®. Use our free bracelet-sizing resource to learn how to measure wrists correctly.

3. Spread Good Energy!

Display, stack and advertise your energy bracelets for sales, give as personal gifts and enjoy wearing your own creations.

Include a tag or display that identifies the gemstone and the corresponding metaphysical properties.

Here’s to spreading good energy!

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