How to Start a Celtic Line in Chainmaille


Sue Ripsch, expert chainmaille artist, walks you through the steps on how to make a Celtic line chain. A zoomed-in 3D tutorial in the corner helps show you exactly where each jump ring goes to create this chainmaille weave.


Step 1

Cut a length of wire.

Step 2

Fold the wire in half at its center then twist the ends together to create a working handle.

Step 3

Pass one large jump ring through the wire handle then close. Repeat to attach a second jump ring creating double jump rings.

Step 4

Attach two small jump rings to the large jump rings, creating a 2-2 chain.

Pass a large floater jump ring between the two large jump rings and around the two small jump rings, without passing through the center of any.

Attach one large jump ring through the two small jump rings on each side of the floater.

Repeat until the Celtic line is the desired length.

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