Summer Isn't Boring


Summer Isn't Boring

September 30, 1984

Hi there,

This summer sure isn't boring. The humans around here are really excited about the Olympics. They keep talking about swimming, gymnastics, equestrian events, hurdles, track, sailing, and things like that. They talk about it so much I'm starting to dream about it. In one dream, I entered in the high hurdle race. Ten of us were lined up at the start, paws dug in, ready for the gun. Bang! We were off racing 'til we thought our hearts would burst. First hurdle coming up; up, up, over, run harder. One German Shepherd in front of me--have to catch up. Second hurdle; up and over. I'm gaining on him. Third hurdle; over easily. I'm running easy now overtaking the leader. We're running neck and neck. Fourth hurdle; I'm over and he's behind me now. Racing for the finish line. I see the tape. I'm through, hey Mom--I've won! Wow! What a feeling (Some dream huh?!)

I don't know why horses are the only animals allowed in the Olympics. We dogs should unite and demand a special series of events especially for dogs.

How about a frisbee catching contest? That would be great fun. What daring and stamina a dog would need. Running and jumping high in the air. Then we could have a sniffing contest, and a tail wagging contest. And a high jumping contest. I can spring five feet straight up from a dead standstill and I'm not even in training. Just think, with a little work, I could jump the back fence and visit the little lady poodle next door.

Then we could have a squirrel chase if we could get those critters on the ground. Hey, how about an indoor flea scratching contest. I'm really good at that one. Or maybe a lion stalking match. On second thought we should use pussy cats. Lions are too scary.

In my dreams they drape wreaths around my neck, made out of bagels and cream cheese (my favorite), doggy bones and liver treats.

Oh well, good luck to our humans in the Olympics and may the USA bring home lots of gold.

Thank you for your wonderful fan mail and telephone calls. You sure know how to make a fella feel good!

Your friend,

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