Spring Has Sprung


Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung out here. I feel like one of those cartoon characters springing in the air in the midst of a field of daffodils head over heels in love. The birds are building nests, and orange trees are sending their delicious aromas all over the place. Spring sure makes a fellow feel romantic, but Ruby is playing hard to-get--the little flirt. My humans are at it again, they're taking off for ASIA this time. Mentioned something about their customers needing some new beads. The only kind I'm interested in are the bone ones. Maybe if I gave Ruby a bone necklace she would be more interested in my advances. We get to go to the doggy hotel while they are gone and eat more popcorn, so maybe she'll cuddle up a little while were are there.

Stuart took me to a dog show the other day to start my show career. I'll tell you something, I never saw so many dogs in my whole, entire life. Some of them are so big they make me look like a lap dog. And some of them look like they wouldn't make a good lunch. And smell! They had so much foo-foo on them it gave me an attack of hay fever. Yuk! Then Stuart took me by the obedience rings and told me to watch, and learn. I wonder if he is trying to tell me something? Some of those dogs were so good I got tired just watching. He really wouldn't expect me to do all those things like heeling and coming on command and staying in a sit position for a minute if I could lay down. He wouldn't would he?

Well folks, it's time for my morning snooze, so until next time, keep on keepin' on.

Your friend,

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