A Wonderful Life


A Wonderful Life

May 20, 1984

Isn't life just a wonderful place to be?

Stuart says when he comes back, he wants to be a Cecil dog like me because I really have a dog's life. Wonder what he means by that?

Between naps at the store, I run out and greet customers and play with their kids and I make sure all the employees are happy by sticking my head in their laps. And then I have to listen in on all the phone conversations to make sure our customers are all happy.

I overheard our bookkeeper talking the other day and she said our customers are the best in the world. They are so nice to talk to and so honest. One man got one too many gold ear studs in his parcel and called to tell us about it. Wasn't that nice?

From the sound of things it's going to be an exciting summer with the Olympics in town. By the way, if you are going to be in town, please stop by to see me.

A dog's life indeed. Stuart had decided I am going to be a show dog. So he takes me to a handling class every Tuesday night so I can learn to stand proud and tall and behave myself. It's really a lot of fun. There are all kinds of dogs there. Big ones who look fierce, little ones who look like dust mops, long haired ones and some like me even.

Stuart took me to a thing called a practice match one day when I was about four months old. Matches are like real live dog shows with rings and judges and ribbons except they don't count toward my championship. But I go anyway to humor Stuart. At my first match it was cold and rainy but I took Best of Breed anyway, and won a big ribbon. Stuart was real proud of me for winning it even though I was the only dog in that particular contest. He kept showing it to me but if you can't eat it what good is it? Then we went to group later where I competed against all the hounds who had taken Best of Breed to see who was the best hound at the match. It started to pour buckets but I still had to stand there and shiver. I guess I didn't look too noble with my back all arched up and shivering because they gave another dog the ribbon this time.

Yup, it's a dog's life pleasing these humans.

Don't forget to come visit me this summer.

Your friend,

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