Topics: Crystal Earrings with Snake Chain

I want to make some dangle earrings with crystals and really fine snake-type chain. Should I use crimps on the ends or something else?

- Mary

Your idea sounds beautiful. I would suggest using crimps on the snake chain, just choose the right crimp to fit the chain. Before you get into your design, do a test piece so you are comfortable with how the crimps work on the chain. Here is a link to the finest snake chain we carry; this chain should fit most beads and crystals and here are some crimp tubes with loops to help finish the ends.

There are matching crimp-tube ends with hooks if you ever need to finish the end with a clasp for a necklace or bracelet design.

Be sure to send a picture of your design once it's together--we would all love to see how your earrings turn out!


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