Topics: Extra Spacer Bead Between the Clasp and the Crimp?

I read in a beading magazine that you should add a small bead or spacer between the crimp tube and clasp to lessen the tension. I personally do not like how this looks, as I like to add crimp covers that I order from you guys that give it a nice finished look. Is this true about placing a bead or spacer between the crimp bead/tube and clasp?

- Kathy
It is actually something I myself teach, as it's a lesson that was passed down to me a long time ago. I have, however, constructed jewelry both with a bead between the crimp and the clasp and without, with no problems in either design. I make the decision based on the design itself and the practicality of the bead's position.

If I'm going to design a piece that will use crimp covers, I will choose a spacer bead that matches the look and size of the crimp cover so no one but I knows it's there.

Below is a link to a project that uses crimp covers and a spacer bead between the clasp and crimp.


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